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New Scalextric tyres tires Dunlop for vintage Scalextric Ferrari Berlinetta and Aston Martin DB5

November 8, 2018
These new Scalextric tyres are direct replacements for the original tyres fitted to the vintage Scalextric cars listed below. They are available in standard grip and MAX Grip versions.
The new standard grip tyres give great performance on the classic Scalextric track yielding the grip we all seek. This increased grip is especially good if the classic Scalextric cars are used on the modern smooth Scalextric Sport track.
The standard grip tyres are smooth treaded and have no writing on the tyre sidewall.
Our new hand made MAX Grip tyres give the absolute maximum in performance at all times. Cornering and acceleration will all be at their maximum with these tyres. They give the best performance possible on all track surfaces at all times. Simply put we have not yet discovered a better tyre for grip and race performance.
The MAX Grip tyres are smooth treaded and have the word DUNLOP written on the tyre sidewall.
Size (mm)
Outside Diameter
Inside Diameter
Overall Width
 MAX Grip Scalextric tires
C54 Lotus 16 Front Rear
C55 Vanwall Front Rear
C56 Lister Jaguar Front Rear
C57 Aston Martin DBR Front Rear
C58 Cooper Front Rear
C59 BRM P25 Front Rear
C60 D-Type Jaguar Front Rear
C61 Porsche Spyder Front Rear
C62 Ferrari 156 Front Rear
C68 Aston Martin DB5 Front Rear
C68 Spanish Aston Martin DB5 Front Rear
C69 Ferrari GT Berlinetta Front Rear
C69 Spanish Ferrari GT Berlinetta Front Rear
C097 Vanwall Power and Glory Front Rear
C288 Aston Martin DBR Front Rear
C289 Aston Martin DBR Front Rear
CFGT Aston Martin DBGT Spanish Front Rear
CFGT Ferrari GT250 Spanish Front Rear
E1 Lister Jaguar with lights Front Rear
E2 Aston Martin DBR with lights Front Rear
E3 Aston Martin DB5 with lights Front Rear
E4 Ferrari GT Berlinetta with lights Front Rear
E5 Aston Martin DB5 Marshal’s Car Front Rear
MAX Grip Scalextric tyres from Scalextric Car Restorations

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