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Braids for Scalextric drift cars

Announcing the release of replacement pick-up braids for the modern range of Scalextric Drift cars.

Pick-up braids for Scalextric Drift cars

The pick-up braids used on the current range of Scalextric Drift cars are 42mm long and need to be in order to correctly fit the oversize braid plates and contacts.  The longest braids available to date have been 32mm long to suit the older range of 360 degree Scalextric cars produced in the 1980s.  So there you have it, a whole range of Scalextric Drift cars and no spare braids available.

Seems like a massive oversight by Scalextric, and it has been.

Scalextric Car Restorations has produced a pick-up braid that is designed as a direct replacement for those used on the Scalextric Drift cars.  The replacement braid is 42mm long and can easily and quickly be fitted to the existing braid plate.

This gives the lowest cost repair available.

You can always trust Scalextric Car Restorations to produce the parts needed to keep your Scalextric cars in great health.

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