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Removing old paint from Scalextric cars

We’ve been in the Scalextric car restoration business for many years and we’ve been asked this question many times, “I have a Scalextric car and in my childhood I painted it, how do I remove the paint?”.  There is only one real answer, you can’t remove the paint.

Painted Scalextric Audi Quattro

Sure, we did remove the paint off one car as a trail and it took ages, and we only did it because it was a car body moulded from Polypropylene or similar material.  We did it really to prove it couldn’t be done, if you understand what we mean.

The best solution for a Scalextric car that has been painted is to sand the paint and the body down and repaint it properly.  We use a spray paint method for the custom Scalextric cars we paint which looks natural enough and in any case Scalextric now paints their car too so it’s OK for us too.


Another great insight from Scalextric Car Restorations

  1. Chris permalink

    I have read on many posts elsewhere that Oven cleaner of the caustic variety will melt the paint off, leaving he plastic undamaged. I’m trying this weekend, so will update with my results… this space

  2. Keith permalink

    Brake fluid seems to work well on soft plastic “Race Tuned” cars. Could work on others to but you would want to test it on something first.

    The mate uses caustic soda in a plastic bag? He said he uses Araldite to glue his cars together, and said that the caustic soda also removes the Araldite, even from windscreens. But as I said you’d want to test it on something.

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