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Scalextric cars and keeping your tyres in top condition

The tyres on all Scalextric cars, both old and new, oxidise with time.  This is a process we are all familiar with in most rubber based products.  Over time the rubber surface hardens a little and then starts to crack.  Depending on the material formulation and environmental conditions this could take weeks or years.

Scalextric tyres

Scalextric car tyres are the same.  Essentially, the material molecules at the surface of the tyre are under attack from atmospheric oxygen and other chemicals and over time are chemically changed.  So keeping the tyres on your Scalextric car in top high grip condition is all about removing this hardened, low grip surface to expose the base material.

To prepare for a race the surface of the tyre must be removed.  This can be done by hand or by using the Scalextric cars themselves.  To do it by hand simply remove the tyre and scrape the tyre on a piece of grit paper, we use 80 grit.  To do this on the car place a piece of 80 grit paper under the drive tyres and spin them with motor power.

With the surface of the tyres removed the next stage is to clean ALL dust off the tyres.  The best way to do this is with warm soapy water.  The resulting Scalextric tyres will give more grip than ever before.

Another great insight from Scalextric Car Restorations


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  1. how we can safe our tires plz read carefully

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